Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Input text input is also on the all-powerful plug

"External" often play word games for my friends, familiar, and in the game using the plug-in can make your game skills are the "quality" of the leap! While this method does not use plug-in for other people , unfair, but because of the effect of after use is very good, so it is still a lot of people happy this is not he.

The use of plug-in game, you can make your game skills are improving quality, then the text input is also used in the plug if so, can not get that kind of special effects like the game? We know that the input method can only enter the Simplified General text, but in online games, forums or chat bubble in order to get better results, often need to type traditional Chinese characters or words on Mars, or even a variety of image symbols, this time the conventional input method input up on the obvious promotion last longer see the elbow If the input is also coupled to a plug-in, it features additional times, to do nothing without the input function without Yoshiya?

Input plug of a surprise: anything can be input

There is no such input plug it? Is the so-called big big world full of wonders, a recent online popularity of the Martian language input method is a special order to enhance input function and health of the input program, installed it, your general input method can become both traditional, Mars characters, various symbols of the super input method.

Figure 1 Mars text input method plug-in status bar

Article from the state of Figure 1, we see that the text input method with Mars, "fire, complex, simple, symbol of the" four function buttons, which is pressed, the input text automatically into the appropriate text.

Tip: Use the shortcut key "Ctrl + D" to quickly switch to change the input state, so as not to affect the efficiency of your input.

Relative text, symbols, images more interesting expression of mood, show personality, Martian language input on the input symbols are very powerful text input method in the Martian point of the state bar "Fu" character button, you can see all kinds of popular symbol divided by class Well, at any time for you to choose.

Figure 2 collected the most popular nowadays are symbols

Input plug surprise 2: Super Multi Text enhanced modification tool

Text input, if the re-modified with its rendering, you can put QQ signature or a number of forums, the effect is absolutely stunning. Like what line of characters, dot matrix characters, Shu Xie ancient writing. To show these forms of words we often see other people use, if they want to use words is generally the most stupid copy modification method, which becomes their own, but this method is not only cumbersome but also the revised text does not neat.

Mars, built a lot of text input text form this converter can convert normal text arranged in the form of various shapes and sizes. Open the Martian language input main menu, select "Martian tools - text converter Mars", a window appears in Figure 3, you will find the text contains many forms of non-state small tool bar according to their preferences, if there The not satisfy you, you can point "more Martian tool" to go to their official website, where there are more different patterns of conversion tool for you to choose.

Figure 3 provides a number of text form conversion

How like? The input program good? With its help you can definitely show off your friends in front of a difference.鎹瑪鑰呬簡瑙o紝鐏槦鏂囪緭鍏ユ硶浠ュ悗鏈夊彲鑳借繕浼氬鍔犲浘鐗囪〃鎯呯殑杈撳叆鍔熻兘锛岃繛鍥剧墖閮藉彲浠ヨ緭鍏ョ殑杈撳叆娉曪紝绠?洿鈥滃彉鎬佲?!涓嶈繃鐪熸槸浠や汉鏈熷緟鈥︹?鈫?^蠅^)鈫?br />



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